School of Chinese Medicine 20th Anniversary Celebration


In 2018, the School of Chinese Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its establishment in 1998, the school has flourished in clinical, teaching and research arenas and is grateful for the care and support of the university for its accomplishments.

The school upholds its mission in nurturing talents in Chinese medicine, in laying the foundation and in promoting traditional Chinese medicine as continuing development.

Our school also provides professional Chinese medicine clinical services and major practicum and research sites. We also endeavor to enhance the research standards in Chinese medicine foundation, clinical and Chinese medicine classics. Throughout 20 years, the school has laid a solid foundation in Chinese medicine clinical, teaching and research through academic, industrial and the community collaboration in sustaining and promoting the Chinese medicine development.

In celebrating the 20th anniversary of the school, a series of celebratory events will provide the platform to witness the accomplishments achieved throughout the years and to mark the start of a new milestone for the bright future in Chinese medicine.

Anniversary Celebratory Event Series


Anniversary Celebratory Events

30th Jan

A New Look at Chinese Medicine Classics: An Exhibition of the Rare Book Collection from Professor Cheung Siu-cheong

Jan to Feb

SCM 20th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

Mar to Jun

20 周年院慶講座系列 中醫專題講座 - 經方臨床運用

19th May


20th May


14th Jun

Experimental and Clinical Experiences with Artesunate as Anticancer Drug Distinguished Lecture

29th Jul

魏鳳坡學術傳承 - 雙穴同時進針與行針法的應用體會

28-29 Jul

International Conference on Brain Research in Chinese Medicine Degeneration and Repair

12th Aug


26th Aug


24th Nov


25th Nov

中國名家學術論壇 - 國醫大師張大寧教授  「談談中醫藥治療慢性腎臟疾病的幾點體會」

25th Nov


26th Nov

中醫名家學術論壇 - 國醫大師張大寧教授 「學好經典指導臨床」

27th Nov

中醫講座 - 車鎮濤教授 「點滴在心頭 - 與中醫學院一起走過的日子」

9th Dec


16th Dec


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